Databases are hard.

Why is that query so slow? Are my indexes being used? Where is all my disk space going? These are hard questions to answer. You could ask an expensive database expert but there is another way.

Magistrate is the tool to help developers understand their Postgres databases.

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Magistrate Helps You

See bloated tables and indexes

Magistrate shows a list of tables and indexes that meet our criteria for bloat worth caring about. If you would like to mitigate the bloat, Magistrate provides intelligently generated SQL using established best practices you can run to help.

Find and remove indexes you don't need

Duplicate and unused indexes are nothing more than wasted disk space and the app helps clean them up and free up some disk space.

Get rid of slow queries

Magistrate takes slow queries from the pg_stat_statements extension and sorts them in a way that prioritizes the impact improving the query would have on the system.

Understand how big your tables are

Magistrate breaks down table statistics to give insights into how much data is in your tables.

What is Magistrate?

Magistrate is a Postgres dashboard that helps you find and fix issues with your database. It also helps you improve database performance. We have plugins for several different web frameworks to make it easy for you to get up and running.

Supported Frameworks

Make Your Postgres Database Faster

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