Databases are hard.

Are my indexes being used? Why is that query so slow? Where is all my disk space going? These are just a few questions we see all the time.

Magistrate is the tool to help developers understand their Postgres databases.

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Magistrate Helps With


You've probably heard about something called 'vacuum'. We tell you when it is time to call in housekeeping.

Ramming Speed

Data that stays in ram is served very fast. We make sure you know that your data is speedy.

The Clone Wars

Duplicate indexes are tricky to find... unless you're the disk having to store and maintain the duplicates. Let's be more humane to those disks.

Anchors Aweigh

Want to know what queries are slowing you down? We break it down for you to help you stay focused where focus is needed.


By breaking down table statistics, you will always know where the hotspots in your database are.

This is Postgres, not AT&T

Unused indexes can feel like paying hidden fees on your data. We help you know the fees are too high.

What is Magistrate?

Magistrate is a Postgres dashboard that helps you find and fix issues with your database. It also helps you improve database performance. We have plugins for several different web frameworks to make it easy for you to get up and running.

Supported Frameworks

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